CC WOO(이하 씨씨우)는 새로운 창조와 움직임을 만드는 창작집단(CC : Creative Collective)으로, 미완성이거나 미처 발견되지 않은 창작가들(WoO : Werke ohne Opuszahl / Works without opus number)들이 모여 개인이 해낼 수 없던 일들을 만들어 나가고 있습니다. 

2017년 영상제작 프로덕션으로 시작하여 현재는 다양한 고객사들을 위한 애니메이션 및 PV들을 만들고 있으며, 현재 새로운 창작 스튜디오인 ROIROI와 FOUND ZERO 등 새로운 브랜드를 론칭하고 있습니다.

CC WOO is a Creative Collective(CC) group that generates new creations and movements, bringing together emerging artists (WoO: Werke ohne Opuszahl / Works without opus number) whose work is unfinished or yet to be discovered. Together, they create things that individuals couldn't achieve on their own.

Starting as a video production venture in 2017, CC WOO currently specializes in creating animations and PV videos for various clients. Additionally, they are launching new brands such as ROIROI and FOUND ZERO, establishing themselves as a fresh creative studio.